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Barnes Jewish Hospital Data Breach

Barnes Jewish Hospital Data Breach

Important Information Pertaining To The Barnes Jewish Hospital Data Breach Barnes Jewish Hospital was recently hit by a data breach.  They are sending letters to patients who may have been affected.  If you or someone you know received a letter from Barnes Hospital...

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Just to let you know the last dollars arrived in my account this afternoon. I really appreciate all you have done to get this to a completion. I am really pleased that my daughter-in-law's family recommended your services to us. I know there is a lot of routes which...

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation

St. Louis Workers' Compensation Claims For Positive Coronavirus Cases Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers are providing tele-conferencing legal support on worker’s compensation for all first responders, health care workers and other employees who have contracted COVID-19...

Underinsured Settlement Claim – $175,000

Underinsured Settlement Claim - $175,000 The client received an initial offer before the suit was filed for only $15,000. Many times an insurance company will low ball on claims because many lawyers will settle for a cheap settlement. We don’t! At Wolff & Wolff...

Bicycle Accident – $820,000

The allegation against Defendant was due to  an improper repair of a roadway.    A pothole was mis filled by defendant causing a depression in the pavement acting as a launch site.   The plaintiff had no recollection of the...

Premises Liability Trip And Fall – $375,000

Premises Liability Trip And Fall - $375,000 A woman tripped over a bush stump that was left behind in a dog walking area of a large commercial property in St. Louis County while she was walking her dog before bringing the dog into the store for grooming services.  She...

Uninsured Motorist Claim Settles For Policy Limits

Uninsured Motorist Claim Settles For Policy Limits Our client, his wife, and his three children were driving home from a work event when another driver coming from the opposite direction crossed the double yellow line and crashed head on into their vehicle.  Our first...

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