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St. Louis Bicycle Accident Lawyer

There are a lot of reasons why you should get the services of a lawyer. Although there could be some instances wherein any lawyer could handle such settlements, there will always still be some advantages on why you should get the services of a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer.

St louis bicycle accident attorney

Data shows that riding a bicycle is far more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. May it be because of the size, or the fact that bicycles are commonly made from lighter materials, this is something that should not be taken lightly.

Commonly Affected Age, and Gender Groups

If you are a biker, then you should be acquainted with the possible risks that you are putting yourself into. These statistics may help determine how likely you are going to encounter an accident.

  • Males are more prone to being involved in such accidents, accounting for 88% of bicycle accidents
  • Commonly affected ages are from 20 to 24 years old

If you find yourself in a bicycle accident, always call on a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer to help you.

Take Extra Caution When You Are Riding A Bicycle At Night

Statistics say that about 20% of deaths occur between 6PM to 9PM in the evening. It only fits so since it is when the situations of the roads are a bit more dangerous than the usual due to the lack of proper lighting. You can protect yourself from such occurrences by wearing the proper headgear, neon bodysuits, and lights.

If you are living in an urban area, then you should know there are a lot more accidents recorded in these areas. 71% of the total recorded bicycle accidents have occurred in urban areas. Factors that may affect such cases would be the presence of more vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

There may be some instances that prevention will not be possible. It is for this exact reason why you should know a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer in your area. 

How To Choose The Best Bicycle Accident Attorney You Are Going To Work With

There are a lot of St. Louis bicycle accident lawyers that you can work with. St. Louis is considered as an urban area, and it is from previous data that it presents a 71% chance of encountering a bicycle accident in such areas. However, you should not be too overwhelmed with the fact that there are a lot of bicycle accident attorney in your area.


It is important that you choose the most accessible bicycle attorney. If the accident happened in  St. Louis, even though you are not a resident, you should still get a lawyer who practices in St. Louis. There are state laws that can differ from one place to another. What might be deemed applicable to other states may not be considered legal in St. Louis. That is why, aside from the accessibility of the lawyer to you, you are also getting a lawyer who knows the Kansas and Missouri state laws.


There are a lot of attorneys in St. Louis that can handle your case. However, not everyone has the expertise of a seasoned St. Louis bicycle accident attorney. It is not logical that you should get the services of a family lawyer who specializes in divorce and custody for such accident cases. Although these lawyers are familiar with the law, bicycle accident attorneys are still the best option you should take.

Bicycle accident lawyers are not only familiar with the cases that can be filed, but they also know how to deal with any hurdles that might be encountered along the way. Due to their prior experience in handling bicycle accident cases, they would know what types of issues your case could potentially come across with.


The experience of a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer will not just be indicated by how long they have been in the field. There could be lawyers who have practice law for many years but do not have the proper experience when dealing with different types of bicycle accidents. Do not be surprised if there is a relatively new attorney who is considered to be experienced in such a field. The reason may be because they have focused on the bicycle accident situations enough to know all the technicalities.

These lawyers, with the help of their experience and connections, may also know professionals in other fields that could help. These professionals are usually inclined with the investigation part of the process. Law enforcement and medical personnel are the important professionals that your lawyer could be fairly acquainted with.

Work With Only The Most Credible Bicycle Accident Attorneys In Your Area

There might be a lot of accident attorneys that are present around your area. However, it is important that you look for the best bicycle accident attorney in St Louis. Their availability may not only be beneficial to you, but bicycle accident lawyers are duly trained to handle local St. Louis bicycle accident cases. Always do your research when you are wanting to hire the services of the best bicycle accident lawyers in St. Louis.