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Personal Injury Attorney In Clayton, MO

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Personal Injury Attorney In Clayton, MO

Has a personal injury changed your life? Left you unable to work? Threatened to ruin your financial well-being? Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers have decades of experience helping clients achieve the fair compensation they deserve when their injuries have been caused by another’s carelessness or wrong-doing. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients in and around the Clayton, MO, region. Our firm is based in St. Louis, but we are willing to travel further afield to provide clients with the effective representation they need. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall incident or motor vehicle accident, let us evaluate your case; you could be entitled to fair compensation in accordance with Missouri tort law.

We Treat You as a Person—Not a Case

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers features a team of caring attorneys and legal professionals who value the trust our clients place in us. Each case is unique and requires personalized attention. When representing clients, we take nothing for granted. These cases can be complex, so you can count on us to manage every detail to ensure that we do everything we can to win your case.

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers Practice Areas

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers have experience in a wide array of personal injury areas that include:

  • Premises Liability
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workers Compensation
  • Dog Bite
  • Ride Sharing


Over the course of our history, we have represented more than 8,000 clients. We have helped clients achieve millions in damages. We have a proven track record for success in the court room and at the negotiation table. Even if you don’t see the service you need outlined here, contact us anyway. We may be able to take your case or refer you to a qualified attorney who can help.

About Personal Injury Law in Missouri

Tort law varies from state to state. We serve clients in Missouri and throughout the greater midwest region. So, we are highly familiar with the nuances of personal injury law in both states. Missouri allows victims of injuries to seek damages if it can be proved that another party is responsible for causing the injuries or failing in their responsibility to prevent injury. Some cases are straightforward but others can be extremely complex, especially when some of the fault may lie with the victim. For instance, an insurance provider may argue about providing full compensation for a bicycle rider who wasn’t wearing a helmet for protection even though their insured driver was at fault.

We examine the details of each case to provide clients with the representation they need. While many personal injury cases are settled at the negotiation table, sometimes litigation is the only way to achieve a fair settlement. As experienced court room attorneys, we never shrink from litigating claims aggressively and with our clients’ best interests in mind.


Victims of personal injuries in Missouri can claim damages that include:

  • Medical Costs (current and future)
  • Lost Wages (current and future)
  • Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage

We have experience helping clients calculate compensation demands based on the evidence and the nature of their case. In cases that involve severe injuries or result in life-long disability, we may procure the services of an actuary to provide us with a professional analysis of the financial situation. Medical costs and missed work can be devasting for victims and their families. While we cannot speed up our clients’ recovery journey, we can do our utmost to help them achieve compensation to cope with these expenses.

What Is the Legal Process for Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers can provide clients with reliable legal advice right from the start. When you contact us, you can expect us to:

  • Evaluate Your Claim
  • Manage Paperwork
  • File Court Documents
  • Appear at Court Dates, Hearings, Appointments
  • Procure Evidence (i.e. obtain accident reports or witness statements)
  • Communicate with At-Fault Party’s Insurers
  • Communicate with At-Fault Party’s Attorneys
  • Provide you with Courteous Care
  • Litigate or Negotiate Aggressively on Your Behalf

You can also expect our personal injury attorneys to answer all of your questions or address your concerns in a timely manner. We value the trust you’ve place in us. Providing our clients with professional yet caring service is a cornerstone of our practice.

Remember, there is a time limit for filing these cases. Contact us to learn about Missouri personal injury law and how to file a claim. We can handle all the legal aspects of your case. You might not think your claim has merits, but until you meet with an experienced Clayton, MO, attorney, you can’t know for sure.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case

If you have been injured in Clayton, MO, contact us for a claim evaluation. We’ll provide you with our honest assessment of your case based on our extensive knowledge of personal injury law and years of experience practicing in St. Louis. If you choose to pursue your claim, we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your legal goals.

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers has a demonstrable record for winning. We feature skilled attorneys who excel in the court room and at the negotiation table. We put your interests first. If you’ve been hurt in an accident that was no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation under Missouri law. Let us provide you with the diligent representation you deserve.